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Grab & Go

A little trick to keep organised and prepared when venturing out and about.

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Variety Isn't Always The Spice Of Life

Another blog post I wrote for the Family Fund.

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Cheap and Easy ways to Entertain Your Child at Home

A guest post from a friend over at Living With Blooming Autism. She has given some very good tips on how to keep the kids busy on a rainy day, or just a day you can't get out.

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What's A Diagnosis Without Information

A blog post I wrote for the Family Fund

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Sibling Understanding

A blog I wrote for The family Fund

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I am a perfect parent.

Do not worry about other parents perceiving you as perfect, worry about whether your child sees you as perfect,

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Using Visuals

How using visuals can help people with autism to understand.

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I am a single-parent to multiple children with autism and other related conditions.
Just over 3 years ago, I left a relationship in which I was trapped by a very controlling man. it was a hard decision to make as my youngest was only 5 months old and I didn’t know how I would cope alone.
But I took the leap as it was the better option. I moved hundreds of miles away, shortly after, my father suddenly died at the age of 56. It was an awful time. I had at this point a 10 month old daughter and a  10 year old son with autism. Life was difficult, so I decided to set up a Facebook page not only to support others with autism, but for my own sanity, so I didn’t feel like I was going through this whole journey alone. That was in December 2014. Just over a year later my daughter was also diagnosed with autism.
My son is now 13, he is known online as K, he was diagnosed with autism at aged two. He attends a Specialist school for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  He is funny and full of life. My daughter is now nearly 4, she also is really funny and well let’s say never stops!
As much as I love and cherish my children, I won’t lie, it isn’t all fun and games, our days are often full of meltdowns, sleepless nights and sensory seeking/ avoiding behaviors. As a single parent, of course my children rely me for everything, which as a parent you naturally do, but of course , some days it is absolutely exhausting. My aim of this blog and my Facebook page is to give people a place to feel less lonely, a place they can relate to, I am not going to pretty things up, I want to let people see how life really is, having children with autism, I was everyone to see the good, the bad and the brilliant sides of autism.
I in no way think Autism is a terrible thing, I think with the right support and encouragement a whole lot of greatness comes from autism .It is about finding and supporting the ways my children learn best. It is about me providing an environment in which they will thrive and not forcing them to fit into others perception of what is “normal.” About celebrating each and every success, however small people may think it is. Building up their confidence to be who they want to be.
If this blog only helps one person, feel less alone in this journey then my mission is accomplished!
Thank you for reading!


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